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of our actions each day are based on unconscious habits rather than conscious actions.

That’s why that new diet is hard to stick to, that gym membership doesn’t get used, and that third beer (why not!) always seem automated. As much as you want to make change, your motivation can eb and flow, so relying on motivation only to do the right things is not sustainable for the long term.

Willpower roller coasterUnconscious habits

Through habit change strategies, we can re-wire our brains to create new automated healthy habits and ween off unhealthy ones.

That’s why Change56 is created. Combining habit tracking, habit coaching and science-backed habit change strategies, Change56 is created to help you kickstart lasting healthy habits personalised to

Getting to bed at 10:30pm, for real
Actually going to the gym 4 times a week
No more kicking yourself for overeating
And more.
Imagine that!

How Change56 works

56 days to kickstart lasting healthy habits

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Complete your Habit
Calibration Quiz

Prior to starting your program, complete a short quiz on your current lifestyle habits and goals for Change56. This helps to personalise your program and lets your Habit Coach know what you’re trying to achieve so they can support you from the get-go.

Recieve your Andi Box

This includes your Andi Tracker, Smart Scale, and accessories. Download your Andi app,
schedule your Onboarding Call with your Habit Coach, and connect your Andi devices.

Onboarding Call

Your onboarding call with your coach is where you will discuss your health goals, set your targets and habits, and figure out strategy and action steps that work for you and your goals.

Start Change56 🚀
  • Start working on your habits by using evidence based strategies provided in the Andi app
  • Track your daily movement and sleep
  • Keep tabs on your body composition trends through your Andi Smart Scale
  • Visualise your daily nutritional intake through your easy-to-use, in-app food diary
  • 3 more calls with your Coach to evaluate progress, strategy and overcome challenges
  • On-going messaging support from your coach
  • Regular content on habit change strategies, nutrition and exercise to support your habit building journey
Become a habit hero 😎

Leave after 56 days with your new healthy habits.

Carrot Cake


We stand by our product

We’re so confident that you will form lasting healthy habits during your 56-day program that we are backing it with our Carrot Cake Guarantee.By the end of the 56 days, if you haven’t formed at least one healthy habit and you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, we will refund you your hard-earned cash no questions asked. Plus, we will send you a free healthy carrot cake from the Andi team!

By the way, what science-backed habit change strategies?

For example, research shows...

It takes approx. 8-weeks, or 56 days on average to build or break a habit

Having someone holding you accountable doubles your success in building a new habit

Habits build in strength over time when completed regularly until they become automatic

All this and more inform the creation of Change56.

See references at bottom of page 📖

Also, not only is building habits fun, added benefits of adopting healthy habits include...


What Your Change56 56-Day Program Includes

Andi Devices

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  • Andi Tracker to monitor exercise and sleep
  • Quick-dry hyperloop seamless wrist band for 24/7 comfort wearing
  • Tracker patches to set-and-forget it
  • Andi Smart Scale to measure your weight and body composition
  • Detailed analytics and trends in Andi App for movement, sleep and body composition
  • Daily trackable health targets for movement, sleep, nutrition and weight
  • Setting of at least 3 personalised habits with your coach to reach your daily targets
  • Food logger for visualizing your daily nutritional intake, and for your coach to help improve your nutritional habits
  • 4 30-min live calls with your dedicated habit coach for accountability and guidance through you habit change journey around nutrition, sleep and movement
  • On-going messaging support from your coach
  • A structured, data-driven program over 56 days


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What happens to my program after 6 months?

After your Change56 program ends, your get to keep all your devices and you get to go on either of these three plans:

  • Habit Lite (AU$9/month) – App access including health analytics, habit change strategies, content and food diary
  • Habit Build (AU$19/month) – Features in Habit Lite + coaching via in-app messaging
  • Habit Boost (AU$58/month) – Features in Habit Build + monthly coaching call


Is my Habit Coach qualified?

Yes! All Andi Habit Coaches are accredited practicing dietitians with a relevant university-level qualification. In addition, Andi ensures coaches score highly in EQ and psychometric testing, as we know a strong connection with a user is key to achieving their health goals.

Health Coaching

Can my Coach see my data?

One of the biggest value Change56 offers is the ability for your Habit Coach to provide real-time, situational and contextual feedback to you with their visibility into your movement, sleep and nutritional activity. Your Coach is the only person, other that yourself, who can view your data. Your Coach will access your data via a secure intranet, enabling them to check in on your progress in a secure, private environment. Win win!

Health Coaching

What does my Andi Tracker measure?

Your Andi activity tracker uses heart rate data captured using photoplethysmography (PPG) technology to quantify the value and quality of your sleep, activity and recovery. More specifically the device outlines (among other data points) what proportion of sleep took place in REM, light, deep and awake sleep stages and the time spent in various activity intensity zones. You can see how well you've slept and recovered over the night, and how much you have exercised throughout the day in your Andi app.

Devices & App

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And finally, the research references...