Front End Mobile Developer

Calling all Front-End Mobile Developers and React Native Experts. We want to hear from you.

As part of our mission to help shift healthcare from reactive to proactive, Andi makes data more accessible and meaningful to help our members avoid becoming the 1 in 2 of all Australians who develop chronic conditions.

Andi is passionate about providing a great digital experience for our members so they can kickstart their proactive health journey. Be an essential part of making this happen by helping bring to life the Andi app using your creative and problem-solving skills.

About Andi

Andi is a new digital health business based in Sydney, Australia. Our mission is to make proactive health the new norm. We provide data-driven health coaching in a vertically integrated solution that values exceptional end-to-end member experience. 

The current healthcare system is built around treating illness instead of preventing it in the first place. We see an opportunity for a new proactive health ecosystem to bridge the gap left open by the current healthcare system focused on reacting to illness. 

We have big ambitions, but we know we cannot change the world on our own, that is why we are looking for the best and brightest team members to join us. We are building our platform and preparing for our launch in 2022, and we hope to get the best people on board as we build Andi from the ground up.

The Role

We are looking to bring onboard a talented mobile front-end developer to help us take our concept from design to a working product that can scale and grow. We seek someone who is passionate about the future of patient-centric health and excited about new innovative products and services we can bring to market.

We are looking for a front-end developer with a keen eye for design. You will be responsible for translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to code that will produce visual elements of the application, working with UI/UX designer to bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation, ensuring the alignment of app design and user experience requirements, and a high level of usability across all aspects of the mobile application.

You will be required to work in teams alongside Back-end Developers, Graphic Designers, and User Experience Designers to ensure all web creation elements are consistent. This role requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

What we are looking for

• You have proven work experience as a Front-end Developer.

• You have proficient experience in React Native.

• You are competent at integration with Google Cloud Platform services, such as Firebase, App Engine and Google Cloud SQL.

• You have strong abilities in using fetch to interact with backend services (written in NodeJS)

• You have a good eye for UI and UX, ability to work with React Native Material UI, and custom styling in frameworks such as styled-jsx, CSS and SASS.

• You always find ways to make things better, faster, and more efficient.

• You listen and respect others and believe that the best work come from collaboration.

• You get excited by tough technical challenges and learning new concepts.

• You thrive in an agile, fast-paced development environment where you are empowered to drive changes.

Desirable, but not mandatory

• Knowledge of React Native's Bluetooth integration libraries, such as react-native-ble-manager. As our product is heavily based on capturing information from Bluetooth protocols within the front-end mobile application.

• Familiarity with how WebRTC is used within an application to deliver real-time communication through video, audio, and data.

• Familiarity with content-as-a-service providers such as Prismic and how this data can be delivered to an application through an API.

• Familiarity with platforms such as TalkJS and how it can be used to incorporate messaging/chat into an application.

• Competency with charting and visualisation tools, such as ChartJS, as our solution will rely heavily on displaying data to users in an easy-to-consume chart-based format.

What you'll be doing

• Work with UX designer to ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.

• Bridge the gap between design and technical implementation.

• Build pixel-perfect, smooth UIs across both mobile platforms that provide great user experience.

• Leverage native APIs for deep integrations with both platforms.

• Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks for performance that feels native.

• Reach out to the open-source community to encourage and help implement mission-critical software fixes.

• Developing features to enhance the user experience.

• Collaborate with back-end developers and UX designers to improve usability.

• Building reusable code for future use.

• Optimising app for maximum speed and scalability.

• Maintaining brand consistency throughout the design.

This is an opportunity to be a foundation team member of a new digital health platform that aims to help shift the healthcare system from reactive to proactive.

Interested in this role? Please get in touch by emailing with the role title in the subject, your CV, and a few lines on why you are interested in working at Andi.

Thank you!

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