Andi is looking for a

Health Informatics Engineer

Calling all Biomedical Informatics specialists. Looking for an exciting opportunity to develop something in your field that’s never been done before? We want to hear from you!

As part of our mission to help shift healthcare from reactive to proactive, Andi makes health data user-centric and meaningful to push back on chronic illnesses affecting 1 in 2 of all Australians today.

In your role, you would help develop Andi’s health assessment algorithms, and be a part of empowering our members with the data and tools to be proactive about their health.

About Andi

Andi is a new digital health business based in Sydney, Australia. Our mission is to make proactive health the new norm. We provide data-driven health coaching in a vertically integrated solution that values exceptional end-to-end member experience.

The current healthcare system is built around treating illness instead of preventing it in the first place. We see an opportunity for a new proactive health ecosystem to bridge the gap left open by the current healthcare system focused on reacting to illness.

We have big ambitions, but we know we cannot change the world on our own, that is why we are looking for the best and brightest team members to join us. We are building our platform and preparing for our launch in 2022, and we hope to get the best people on board as we build Andi from the ground up.

The Role

Andi is looking to recruit a Health Informatics Engineer who is passionate about the proactive health space! As a Health Informatics Engineer, you will be a crucial part of developing Andi's health assessment algorithm, building the underlying logic of the algorithm as well as ensuring the algorithm's accuracy, reliability, and future potential for clinical viability.

Working as part of the Andi Team, you'll be part of an agile and ever-evolving environment, taking the initiative on various projects in this space. Andi is looking for a highly motivated candidate who can work autonomously and is passionate about building new products.

What We Are Looking For

• You have a degree in or are studying Biomedical/Health Informatics, or a similar degree.

• You can dedicate part-time hours (15-20 hrs/week).

Desirable, but not mandatory

• Proficient in programming (JavaScript preferred).

What You’ll Be Doing

• Collate and present research on various existing algorithms that can give a clinical assessment of health based on measurements such as body composition, blood pressure and activity.

• Build upon the underlying logic of Andi’s health assessment algorithm, with aims to improve accuracy, reliability, as well as ensuring future clinical viability.

• Write the documentation detailing the operation of the algorithm.

This is an opportunity to be a foundation team member of a new digital health platform that aims to help shift the healthcare system from reactive to proactive.

Interested in this role? Please get in touch by emailing with the role title in the subject, your CV, and a few lines on why you are interested in working at Andi.

Thank you!