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Traditional healthcare can be so... reactive

The current healthcare system is built around treating illness, instead of preventing it. We only go to the doctor when we fall ill, often when its too late. 50% of all Australians have one or more chronic conditions and 80% of all deaths are caused by a chronic condition, of which many could have been prevented if there were early lifestyle interventions.

What if we got out in front of all that?

We believe prevention is a whole lot better than cure...

Enter Andi

At Andi, we are developing a new proactive health platform that provides you with personalised health guidance, powered by your own health data, so you can get behind the wheel of your health.

Think of it as your very own health GPS. Your Andi devices continually monitor your activity, sleep and body metrics, showing you where you need to focus to reach your health goals, prevent chronic conditions early, and achieve long-term health. All with the help of your real-life expert Andi Guide.

Our smart health platform

Personalised Health Guidance
powered by data

1. Your Andi Devices track your
activity, sleep and health stats
throughout the week
2. The Andi App gives you
actionable insights so you can
know your health and risks
3. Real-life Andi Health Guides
help you reach your goals
with 1-on-1 live video sessions

Meet your Andi devices

Activity Tracker
Blood Pressure Monitor
Smart Scale
Activity Tracker
Blood Pressure Monitor
Smart Scale

Your data, crunched

In a blink, your data automatically feeds into your Andi Health Dashboard – analysing and displaying detailed visualisations and personalised health scores that are simple to understand and track. Andi translates your health data into actionable and personalised insights that enable meaningful health change.

Keep track of your health risks...

Body Fat %
Sleep Index
Hypertension Risk
Stress Index
Heart Age

and be empowered to improve them

I'm not a robot

Our team of fully certified (and fully human) Andi Health Guides are here to support you 24 hours a day, helping to translate your data into tangible health results. They are with you on every step of your journey, suggesting tweaks to mental and physical health, diet and exercise – your own dedicated cheerleader.

Andi is coming soon

Be part of our new smart health platform from day one. We are currently preparing a large-scale pilot program. Sign up to stay in the loop – early members will receive special perks, discounts and exclusive Andi merch.

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